Welcome to CrisisX!

CrisisX is an OSRS (old-school RuneScape) based server designed to provide players a competitive edge and high performance gaming experience. After the official launch of CrisisX in 2008, the server quickly became a renown and respectable name in the RuneScape private server community. For years CrisisX was one of the most popular servers in the world, maintaining a steady three to four hundred players online on average. Our goal is to regain our claim to fame by not only providing excellent in-game content, but also by being a community driven server where everyone has a voice that will be heard. Your suggestions, honest criticisms and undying dedication to the server are what will help us grow and succeed once more. Check out the forums, meet up with some of your old friends, and possibly meet new ones. What better way to start off 2016 than to check out one of your old time favorite RSPS!