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Welcome to CrisisX!

CrisisX is an OSRS (old-school RuneScape) based server designed to provide players a competitive edge and high performance gaming experience. After the official launch of CrisisX in 2008, the server quickly became a renown and respectable name in the RuneScape private server community. For years CrisisX was one of the most popular servers in the world, maintaining a steady three to four hundred players online on average. Our goal is to regain our claim to fame by not only providing excellent in-game content, but also by being a community driven server where everyone has a voice that will be heard. Your suggestions, honest criticisms and undying dedication to the server are what will help us grow and succeed once more. Check out the forums, meet up with some of your old friends, and possibly meet new ones. We have tons of custom items & shops, custom quests, custom monsters, etc.


Latest Updates

1. Way of the Blade Quest Released (Speak with Ak-Haranu in Edge)
2. Evil chicken is now available (Chicken Shrine in Edge)
3. Sanfew potions are now easier to make, the recipe: Snapdragon + Evil chicken egg + Holy water + Snake weed
4. Primal rapier buffed to 119 strength
5. 20k rune darts have been added to the archer shop to fill up toxic blowpipes.
6. Pure esscense can now be used for runecrafting and yields 1.2 times the xp.
7. Sigli the Huntsman will reward you for bringing him Grimy Ardrigals.
8. Infinity bottoms have been buffed, they were weaker than ghostly robes before.
9. Bandos/Armadyll bracers can now be worn properly.
10. Mining with a dragon pickaxe will now show the correct animation instead of showing a rune pickaxe.
11. Karambwanji can now be cooked (80 cooking required).
12. Vote reward increased by 1m coins (3m total now, 6m on Pay Day)

Top Players

Username Total Level
#1: Pickles 2079
#2: Jye 2079
#3: Walterpenn 2079
#4: Kross 2079
#5: Biornha 2079